Say hello to Desert Date Oil, ancient Egypt's best kept secret.


Hear What Real Customers Are Saying

Can I say that this is the Holy Grail of oils... I came across this and it completely changed my skin." 

Chante B.

You just apply a little and boom. I play volleyball so I'm always in the sun, and this helps with my fine lines, my wrinkles - it gives me a glow."

Buster B.

The Desert Date Oil Serum not only reduced my fine lines, but my skin had been starting to sag a little and the oil tightened it right back up."

K. T.

It's really fresh, the ingredients are clean. You know what you're putting on your skin."

Candice J.

This stuff helped (and by helped I mean literally eliminated) an eczema spot I had on my lower lip/chin. It's magical. Great bang for your buck too, because a little goes a long way!"

Gina K.

My skin! It's the happiest it's ever been down here in L.A. I feel like the oil is locking the moisture in.. I feel like it just saturates my skin."

Rachel K.

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